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Commonwealth Games

 On Monday June 9th our Primary 1-3's  went to Guthrie Park , Brechin to join in  on a commonwealth games with other P1-3's from the Brechin cluster. We joined up with Tarfside and Stracatho and we were TEAM KENYA.  We all enjoyed taking part in this event and the sun shone all day.(suncream and hats were required).



On Monday June 16th our Primary 4-7's went to Guthrie Park, Brechin to take part in their commonwealth games. We also joined up with Tarfside and Stracathro and we were TEAM KENYA. We wore our t-shirts that were designed by some of our pupils, look how good they turned out.



There were lots of different sports stations, cricket, football, rugby and golf. At the end, our scores were tallied up and we came 3rd and won the bronze medal. Well done to everyone in TEAM KENYA. A big thank you to everyone who helped out on both days.


Sports Day

We joined with Tarfside and Stracathro school for our Sports Day on Tuesday 17th June. In the morning we went to Stracathro school to make our team banners. Our teams were Sprinting Cheetahs, Commonwealth Champions, Judo Jelly, Tryathletes Tryathlon, Stracathside Seals. Look at all our banners.

In the afternoon we went to Edzell Muir for our sports afternoon. Miss Longair had organised all the stations we had to compete in. After we had a running race, sack race, egg and spoon race, bean bag on the head race and finally skipping race. Our team totals were added up and the winners were Tryathletes Tryathlon. Well done to everyone in all the teams as they all worked very hard to score points for their team. A big thank you to all our teachers,  Miss Crabb,  Miss Longair and all our parents who  turned out to watch another great Sports Day.



  Cricket Festival

 Again this year we teamed up with Stracathro and Tarfside to compete in the Brechin Cricket Festival.  We played very well as a team and we then went through to the Angus Cricket Festival.

The Angus Cricket Festival was held on Tuesday 10th June in Arbroath , we all played well again as part of a team.  Thank you Clarence for all the coaching sessions you gave us before the festivals.


Golf Session at Brechin Golf Club

On Friday 30th May we travelled to Brechin to take part in coaching sessions with Stephen Rennie.

 We went on to the golf course where he showed us how to play golf properly, we then went on to the putting green and we got to play in pairs to see how many shots we needed to putt the ball into the hole. Well done to Miss Jamieson as she managed to putt the ball into the hole with one shot. Thank you to Stephen Rennie for inviting us to a afternoon of coaching.


We were sorry to say goodbye to Mrs Moonlight who has gone to work in another cluster group. We would like to welcome Miss Gordon who I am sure will love working with the pupils in the Brechin cluster schools.


We travel down to Edzell every fortnight for our PE lesson with Miss Longair.



 Keeping Fit with Miss Crabb and Mrs Cameron




Cricket coaching with Clarence

For the past few weeks we have joined up with Stracathro/Tarfside pupils for cricket coaching with Clarence. We have enjoyed this and a big thank you to Clarence.  The cricket festival is coming up soon so we hope to do well.





Our Primary five pupils joined other Brechin cluster schools for a Golf Festival at

Brechin Leisure Centre. Thank you Mrs Moonlight, our p5's had great fun.


Miss Jamieson has been doing PE with us every Thursday afternoon.


Our Primary two pupils have been taking part in tennis coaching with Graham Walker at Edzell Primary School. They have had four coaching sessions with him which they have really enjoyed. Thank you Graham.  This was followed up with a tennis tournament with all other Brechin cluster schools. Thank you Graham for a fantastic morning.


Mrs Cameron has been teaching us Yoga every Monday afternoon, look how good we can do it.



Mrs Cameron took us outside for fitness


We held our Sports Day with Tarfside and Stracathro schools. The sun was shining and we had a great afternoon. A big thank you to everyone that helped us on the day and a very big thank you to our PE teacher Miss Longair.

A big thank you again to  Mrs Moonlight for organising another Highland Games for us on Edzell Muir.  


Well  done to Strathnot Strikers who won all 4 games at Brechin Cricket Festival on Monday 20th May.

They now go through to the final at Arbroath Cricket club on Tuesday 11th June.

   Strathnot Strikers with their cup       


Every Thursday for the next few weeks Grant Hutchinson will be giving us cricket coaching.
   Stracathro and Tarfside are also joining us so we are ready for the Brechin Cricket Festival
   on Monday 20th May.


Our Primary fives took part in Brechin cluster Golf Festival at Brechin Leisure Centre. Thank you
to everyone who helped makes this afternoon very enjoyable.


We have fitness every week with  Miss Wright, we always try to improve on our scores from the week before.


Unfortunately the Cross Country in Forfar has had to be cancelled twice due to the conditions on the course.


On the 28th February our P7's took part in Brechin High School Cross country event.

They all did exceptionally well, we had a 7th and 9th place for Lethnot and a 2nd for Tarfside.

We are now training for the next one which in in Forfar on the 13th March.

Well done everyone




Every Tuesday morning we are having dance lessons with  Kimberley. Look at how we can move....








Mrs Moonlight has been giving us cycle training every Monday morning. This is very beneficial for us to learn how to ride our bikes safely on the roads , especially rural, country roads that some of us have to travel on.






Miss Wright has been giving us tennis coaching on Fridays, last week we even got to play on the grass. As you can see by our picture we have lots of budding Andy Murray's.



Our primary 3 pupils joined Tarfside, Edzell and Stracathro pupils for Playground games at Edzell school. We had to have them indoors as a shower of rain had made the grass very slippy. A big thank you to Mrs Moonlight and the young leaders for another fantastic morning.



We are having swimming lessons at Brechin High School for the next 10 weeks, this takes us up to the Christmas holidays!!

Hampden visit                                                    

 Our P2/3's were very lucky to be picked with Edzell and  Tarfside pupils to go to a Tesco Bank Football challenge at  Hampden Stadium on 21st May. As you can see by the pictures this was a very exciting and very enjoyable day.


 Angus Cricket final

We played really well at the Brechin Cricket Festival on 21st May this then took us through to the Angus Cricket Tournament at Arbroath Cricket club. Although the weather was really bad we played really well together and enjoyed the taking part. Well Done Strathnot Strikers.




  Brechin Olympic Games 2012              

On Wednesday 13th June we travelled to Brechin to take part in P1-3 Olympic games with other Brechin cluster schools organised by Mrs Moonlight.  We made up a team with Stracathro and Tarfside pupils and we picked the country Zambia to represent.   We all had our own groups and we had different stations with olympic themed sports to  compete in. Brechin High School senior pupils were at each station keeping our score, a big thank you to all that helped out on the day. Once we had completed every station Mrs Moonlight counted up the scores and medals were handed out for Gold , Silver and Bronze out of teams A & B.  We were all very happy when our Team Zambia was called out for a bronze medal.  At the end the rain had just came on and we all just had time to sing our countries anthems.   

Congratulations to both medal winning teams



  Brechin Olympics 2012 P4-7                                                                     

On Thursday 14th June P4-7 travelled to Brechin to take part in their Olympic Games.  We had different sports to compete in, rugby, tennis, cricket, hockey and football. Again Mrs Moonlight tallied up the scores and ours teams name was shouted out for Gold. Well done to Team Zambia.

At the end of the Olympic games every school sang their anthem for their chosen country. This was another great day organised by Mrs Moonlight.          




Every Monday for the next 4 weeks we are going to Edzell for Cricket Coaching with Clarence. Stracathro and Tarfside pupils are joining us so we can have a team ready for the Cricket Festival in Brechin on Monday 21st May.


Our swimming has started back again at Brechin High School. It is a 10 week block, we all enjoy our swimming lessons.


We travelled to Montrose town hall on Tuesday 13th March  to take part in the Scottish Day of Dance.             



We all wore a touch of tartan for the day and enjoyed Scottish Dancing with the rest of the Brechin Cluster children.  Thank you Mrs Cuthill for learning us our dances and accompanying  us to Montrose.                              


  We travelled to Forfar Leisure centre on Wednesday 14th March to take part in our second cross country challenge of this year.  We all managed to finish the course , thanks to training with Miss Stewart. We all  enjoyed the whole experience.                                    



Our first of our cross country challenges took place last week at Brechin High School, all P6/7 pupils from Andover, Maisondieu, Tarfside, Edzell and Stracathro took part. Well done to all our P6/7 pupils , they enjoyed the challenge and now look forward to the next one at Forfar Leisure centre.




  P6 pupils attended Brechin Sports Festival at the leisure centre in Brechin. We all got to try different sports , rugby, hockey, football, taekwondo. A big thank you to everyone who came along to introduce us to different sports, I think that everyone here enjoyed the rugby!!






                                                                                                          Since coming back to school after Christmas we have been doing fitness training with Miss Wright on a Friday.  This is something we are all enjoying each week and also we are trying to improve on our results from the week before.



Miss Stewart has been training us for the cross country events that are coming up later next month. As you can see by our pictures we are doing our warm up and one pupil is showing us her cherry picking skills!! Unfortunately we had to call off our cross country training this week as we still had lots of snow lying around.


                                                                                                                                                                              We travel down to Edzell every second week to have our PE lesson with Mrs Brown our

PE teacher. This week we were climbing up the climbing bars.




Our P2/3 pupils had been going down to Edzell every week to take part in tennis sessions with Graeme Walker. We have enjoyed these taster sessions and big thank you to Graeme for coming along each week and showing us how to play tennis.


Mrs Moonlight has been coming into school to show us how to do orienteering. As you can see the first morning we had it it was rather chilly and rainy, but we all really enjoyed it.




Our P7 pupil joined Edzell, Tarfside and Stracathro pupils for a Fun in Athletics Festival at Brechin Leisure Centre on Friday 18th November. The Edzell, Tarfside and Stracathro athletics team did really well - Well done  to you all.



Our P3 pupil joined Edzell, Tarfside and Stracathro pupils for a Tesco football challenge at Brechin Leisure Centre on Friday 28th October. 


 Miss Wright taught us how to play badminton.



We had a taster session on Taekwondo this week, we all enjoyed taking part in this as you can see by our picture.



Playground games at Edzell Primary School for P1-3. Thank you Mrs Moonlight for a fantastic morning





           Hockey with Miss Wright                                   Scottish Dancing at Edzell



Football coaching

Our P3 pupil has been joining Edzell, Tarfside and Stracathro pupils in football caoching session at Edzell Primary School.




Sports Day           


On Thursday 23rd June we travelled up to Tarfside for our Sports Day. We were keeping everything crossed that the rain would stay away!!  Mr Beckett our PE teacher organised this event for us. We made our team names and flags up in the morning. We had some fantastic team names, Cheetah's on ice, Dazzling Dancers, Disco Divers, Cool Cricketers and Flamin Footballers. Our parents joined in and took part in the team potted sports-  the winning team was Dazzling Dancers who came out with Top Marks!!

Thank you once again to all the  Tarfside parents who  supplied the food for us to eat after  the sports. Unfortunately we did not get to have our non-stop cricket as the rain came on just at the end!!.


Highland Games   

On  sunny Friday 10th June we went down to join Stracathro and Tarfside for our annual Highland games organised by Kelly Moonlight.  Another great event organised by Kelly and we all have a really good time. Well Done to the winning team the McMunro's.


Cricket coaching with Clarence

For the past 3 weeks we have joined up with Stracathro pupils for cricket coaching with Clarence. We have enjoyed this and a big thank you to Clarence.  The cricket festival is coming up soon so we hope to do well.


Brechin cluster Golf Festival      

On Monday 6th June we went to Brechin Cricket Club to take part in the Brechin cricket festival. Again we joined up with Tarfside, Stracathro schools to make a team.  We had a great day and we now go forward to the Angus Cricket Festival on Thursday 9th June at Arbroath Cricket club. Watch this space for for news!!

.......we successfully once again progressed through to the final at Arbroath Cricket club, well done to all the cricketers involved in this years team.


Brechin Golf Festival

 P5 from Brechin cluster school attended at golf Festival at Brechin Leisure centre on Friday 22nd April.



Scottish Country Dance Festival

 Our Primary 5 - 7 pupils took part in the Scottish Country Dance Festival at Montrose Academy .  This was attended by other schools in Angus and we all had a great time.




Swimming lessons has started again at Brechin High School. We have 10 swimming lessons from now until the end of June.  We all enjoy going to Brechin High School for swimming.              




 Kelly Moonlight our active schools coordinator with our young leaders.


Hockey Festival            


On Friday 17th September we took part in the Brechin cluster Hockey Festival at Brechin Public Park. We joined up with Stracathro and Tarfside pupils and our team was called Strathnot Strikers.  When we arrived at the park, Maisondieu, Andover and Edzell teams were arriving.   Jo Whaite and our new active schools co-ordinater Kelly Moonlight came to meet us.  It was a very cold windy day and we all started with a warm up.  This festival was very well organised and we all had a turn of playing each other school team.  We all enjoyed this event and we all played very well together and thoroughly enjoyed it, hopefully the next time this event comes round the weather will be nice and sunny!! At the end of the tournament it was announced that we had came second and we were all delighted. A big thank you to everyone involved with this event and a big thank you to the S5 pupils from Brechin High who did a super job of refereeing the games. Another thank you to Miss Elder and Miss Macpherson who did a fantastic job of coaching us. It was time to go back to school for our lunch and I think we were all rather hungry and ready for something nice and hot to eat.


Swimming lessons

We have started our swimming lessons at Brechin High school again. We have 10 weeks of swimming lessons which takes us up the the summer holidays. Tarfside school joins us also for their swimming lessons.


Kwik cricket tournament

On Wednesday 9th June we travelled to Arbroath Cricket club to take part in this years Angus Kwik cricket tournament. We were successful in the first round which was at Brechin cricket club on Monday 31st May, which had all Brechin cluster schools taking part. Our team was pupils from Tarfside, Lethnot and Stracathro schools and we called our team the Dreamers.



Cross Country - Lochside Leisure Centre        

On Tuesday 16th March our P7 travelled to Forfar to take part in this years Angus Schools Cross Country Championships. This picture was taken just before our race.





Brechin Cluster fun in Athletics

On Friday 20th November our P7 joined together with Stracathro, Tarfside and Edzell pupils to take part in an Brechin Cluster athletics event organised by Jo Whaite. We had been training the weeks before this event for different athletic events Jo had entered us in.  We did really well and enjoyed this afternoon and hope  Jo organises another one for next year.


Brechin Cluster Hockey Festival

On Friday 18th September Brechin cluster school joined together for a hockey festival. This was held at Brechin Public Park. We played 10minutes games against different schools and the games were umpired by senior pupils from Brechin High School.  We  had a team made up of Stracathro, Tarfside and Lethnot pupils and we called ourselves Strathnot Strikers.  We had a great morning playing hockey and enjoyed taking part in this event as you can see by our lovely picture.


Simple Cricket Festival

On Friday 11th September our primary four pupils joined Brechin Cluster schools in a simple cricket festival at Brechin Cricket Club.  Clarence and Jo had set up lots of cricket activities for our groups to take part in. This was a lovely day and we really enjoyed this event.

Swimming 09

On Monday mornings we travel down to Brechin High School to have our swimming lessons. We all enjoy swimming and think it is very important to learn how to swim properly.  We have a swimming lesson every Monday morning until end of term.


                                              Cricket coaching.

We all have had cricket coaching in school. We have had 2 sessions of cricket coaching with Ross McLean. We have a cricket festival coming up soon and we need to get plenty of practice to be ready for it.

News just in...

Pupils from Tarfside and Lethnot schools joined together to form a successful cricket team.  They came second in the Brechin Cluster Cricket Festival and now progress to the final to be held in Arbroath on Wednesday 10th June.

Cross Country

Our primary six pupil is taking part in the Cross Country Championships 2009 at Lochside Leisure Centre. She has been training really hard, she has been really lucky as Mrs Cameron has been taking her out training for it.

The picture above was taken just before we started in our race.

   Tri-golf at Inchbare Hall

On Monday mornings at Inchbare Hall we have been enjoying tri-golf lessons with Stephen Rennie and Scott Findlater. Tarfside and Stracathro primary children have also been there. We all had a great  time learning how to play golf.

PE - Edzell

We have been going down to Edzell Primary school every second Thursday to have our PE lesson with Mrs Brown. Tarfside  primary children also come along.



Our primary 6 pupil has been taking part in a six week course to achieve her Young Leaders Award.

The Primary 1- 3's joined Edzell, Stracathro and Tarfside for a Games Festival on  Edzell Muir. This was enjoyed by everyone.

Our primary 4 pupil took part in  a cricket festival at Brechin Cricket club he was joined by other primary 4's in the Brechin Cluster Group.

Our primary 6 pupil travelled to Brechin to take part in this years Hockey Festival. This was held at the public park in Brechin and she joined up with Stracathro and Tarfside to make up a team.

Jo Whaite our Active School Co-ordinator organised a rural football afternoon.  It was held at Edzell Primary School and this was again enjoyed by everyone that took part.

We have been enjoying cricket coaching at Brechin Leisure Centre on Monday afternoons with Clarence Parfitt and Frazer . Tarfside pupils also came along and we have all enjoyed our coaching and are looking forward to the Brechin Cricket Festival on June 13th at Brechin Cricket Club.


On Wednesday 14th May we joined Stracathro pupils and travelled to Dundee to take part in the Tayside Hockey festival in Dundee. Our team was called Strathnot Strikers and we qualified by winning the Brechin Cluster Hockey festival which took place last September.


On Mondays we have a golf coaching with Steven Rennie and Scott Findlater from Brechin Golf Club. We have been using the tri-golf equipment and taking part in lots of fun activities.


Last Tuesday the primary six and sevens went to Lochside Leisure centre Forfar to join other Angus primary schools in a cross country competition.


After the Easter holidays we are to be joining Tarfside Primary School for cricket coaching with Clarence Parffitt.

In September we went to Brechin public park to take part in a Brechin Schools Hockey festival with Stracathro school. Our team was called Strathnot Strikers. We played against 4 different teams and once again we WON and qualified for the next round which takes place next May.

                            2006 - 2007


P4-7 children from Lethnot joined with Tarfside  school for a cricket tournament held at Brechin  Cricket club on Thursday the 31st of May. We played 4 matches and we came first out of the eight teams. We have qualified for the next round in Arbroath on the 12th of June.       

Last week we joined up with Stracathro primary School, as we didn't have enough pupils for a team. This team successfully qualified for the Perth/Tayside finals to be held in Dundee this week.

At the Tayside/Perth hockey tournament we came 3rd in goal difference. This outcome means we are through to the Scottish finals in Edinburgh.

Each year our running team takes part in the Angus Cross-Country championships. As we are a small school we practise with other schools to help us get used to running with a larger group of children.


We go to Brechin for our swimming lessons. We have a lot of fun and take part in awards and badges.

We also do P.E. (Physical Education) throughout the year. We have a P.E. teacher who visits the school and some others in the Brechin cluster area.We have been joining Tarfside for PE twice a month at Edzell.




Staff & Pupils