In  M.I.E. (Moving Image Education) we watch and make films. We start off by viewing  films. After we have watched a film we discuss the different camera angles, we also have a look at the characters and how  they affect the storyline . We use the short films to help us improve our writing and give us great ideas for making our films.

Watch this space to read about how our new film for this year is coming along.

We are all very excited about making our new film- watch this space to find out what it is about!!

Here is a picture of our new MIE 14/15 film, keep watching to find out more.



We are busy working on our new MIE 2013/14 film, its looking good, we will keep you updated.

We have just finished our 2013/14 film it is called superheroes in action.


This years 2012/13 film is called Glen Survival,

starring Tiger Barbecue and Bear Grylls.

We have just finished filming this years film with Mrs Cameron, we have had great fun making this film and it is called False Hope.

We have made two MIE films this year, one is called A trip to the moon, as one of this years topics was about space. The other film is called Flight Force, which was another of our topics Mrs Cameron taught us this year.   We all really enjoyed making both of these films.


Rosie's Great Adventure.

Our film this year is finished. It is called Rosie's Great Adventure. It is about a small girl called Rosie who helps the prince find cinderella. Rosie goes on a great adventure to find cinderella  to help her mum and dad who are poor.  She gets rewarded from the prince and they all live happily ever after. This was a great film to make and we all have a brilliant time making it .


Our idea for our film this year is to make a film about one of our topics  we learned about in school. Our topic was about farming and we all decided that we would like to make this years film about this. Our film is nearly finished but still have a few things we would like to put in before the final film can be shown.

We have just put the finishing touches to this year's MIE film called Farming for You!! We have really enjoyed making this film and if you get a chance to watch it we are sure you will see why!!

This is the last year of the four years of  the Moving Image Education  project and to celebrate this there is to be a celebration event in the City Hall in Brechin. This is to be on Wednesday 25th June from 4-7pm.

The idea for last year's film was to use legends and stories from around the glen. We researched on the internet and in books for ideas and then wrote three stories. We decided to make the film using photographs rather than live action . We named our film Sinister Spine Chillers from Glen Lethnot.

Scottish Screen invited our Primary 6 an 7 pupils from Tarfside and Lethnot to take part in a Media and Literacy showcase of MIE in the Brechin Cluster group. We travelled to the BBC Glasgow studio where we met lots of people who asked us lots of questions about MIE in our schools. In the afternoon we got to go to the BBC  Learning area where we got to try out educational websites made for the BBC. This was a fantastic day and we met lots of lovely people and we even managed to get a glimpse of Pudsey Bear!!


Mrs Hughes  is our new M.I.E. teacher. She helps with the filming. She gives us advice on how to animate film and create music.

 To enjoy watching the films we have made click on the links below:

The Pictish Pursuit

The Power Within

Staff & Pupils